The Maasai are among the local semi-nomadic population inhabiting the northern Tanzania. They are best known as the fierce WARRIORS of East Africa for their residence near many National Parks of the African great Lakes and their distinctive customs in life style. They still exist on a diet of milk, blood, and meat; however, it is becoming very common place to supplement their diet with grain. The Maasai travel in clans living off their cattle herds along and build their family homes in circular enclosures protected by thorny makeshift fences. They often keep their cattle in an enclosure in the centre of the ‘BOMA’ (home).

Maasai are a fascinating ancestry group of noble people with a beautiful and interesting culture stories every visitor would never want to miss. Their cultural distinctiveness is now accessible to Eco-tourists in Tanzania. Preservation of their proud traditions has set the Maasai apart from other indigenous groups in the country, and embodies a side Pure African cultural history a few outsiders can contact.

Bujo Tours and Safaris will offer you a memorable opportunity to interactively experience the Maasai way of life through day trips. You will be able to participate in a variety of unique cultural activities, and encouraged to engage as deep into the experience as one would wish to.

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Note: Only available as part of a planned safari itinerary

USD $ 25 Per Person

Our Package Includes

  • Private transport to and from Moshi/Massai Boma
  • Driver
  • Professional English speaking Guide
  • Village entry fees
  • Lunch Box
  • Government tax
  • Bottled drinking water

Not Included

  • Flight
  • Insurance
  • Tipping for your guide

All local fees go to the social development in the village.