Safari Group Packages


Tanzania Safari Open Groups are prepared Group Packages for Tanzania Joining Safaris. It is commonly cheap Safari for Tanzania Camping holidays.
Our Group Safari package are open for everyone to join and features only the best Park in the Northern Tourism Circuit of Tanzania, with different options such as 2 days, 3 days , 5 days and 7 Days

These group departure dates are scheduled throughout the year in consideration to budget traveler, the departure dates are posted bellow, with the Safari days in between, we advise our guest to arrive a day earlier and meet the Safari coordinator for briefing since the Safari starts very early in the morning.

Our Safari vehicles are limited to only 4 and 6 seats per car for Camping safari and 5 and 7 seats for lodge safari. We don’t believe in creating extra space as it diminishes the experience. Keeping the group small in a Safari jeep creates an intimate setting, but more importantly ensures proper attention for each and every one.

Our Tanzania Safari Open Groups are below:-





Price PP



2 Days US $ 400 July 7 August 4 Sept1 October 6 November3 December1
3 Days US $ 500 July14 August11 Sept 8 October13 November10 December8
5 Days US $ 1050 July21 August18 Sept 15 October20 November17 December15
7 Days US $ 1300 July28 August25 Sept 22 October27 November24 December22

For 7 days Package will be also a group departure on September 29 and December 29