The Photographer’s Guide to Preparing for an African Safari

Today I will share some amazing tips on how to prepare for a Tanzania photography trip.

As you might think, a grand trip of this kind requires more planning than any road trip to the National Parks. To acquire the most, photographically, I have compiled a number of obvious tips which will help you bring back some wonderful photos.

I greatly recommend that you obtain a wide range of guidebooks plus maps as you begin the planning stages. According to my experience you won’t find all the necessary info in just a single guidebook. To start with there are several tour operators in the country so deciding on which one to use may be tedious.

Maps are an additional must have. These will help you know the exact location of the National Parks that you which to visit as you do your photography in Tanzania. You will be able to find out how many parks you can visit in a day or know the travel distances you can move.

The Photographer’s Guide to Preparing for an African Safari

Last but not least, videos could be a good way to become accustomed to the destination (and they’re ideal to raise children’s interest!). I discovered these videos to exhibit a more practical view of what I ultimately saw in the country. You can obtain these videos from a library.


Photo storage could be a major problem during safari however it isn’t any unique from most travel scenarios. Chances are you may not have Internet connection on most of the trip (although fortunately most accommodations are getting it) therefore your storage solution requires to move with you. There are a couple of ways to do this:

Multiple Cards

Having multiple cards is often considered the easiest, although it has its challenges. To begin with, you simply have a single copy of every picture therefore in case a card gets lost or corrupt, you may lose most of your photos. In addition, organizing them may be a challenge, ensuring that you keep these cards which have images on them apart from those available to use and properly identifying them needs a technique.

An External Storage Device

In the event you carry an external storage-device, a device that doesn’t need a computer but enables direct download from the cards, you may decrease the number of cards required. However, if you raise the quantity of cards to cater for all your expected photo needs As well as buy an external storage-device, this may present a secure backup system in case the cards plus device are stored separate while on the safari. These devices may add weight plus extra batteries on the safari.

A Laptop

Finally is the laptop. Though they clearly add more weight plus cost besides the easily transportable device, there are a number of other reasons. In case it’s only for photo storage on a trip, I recommend the external device. However, if you intend to share the photos and look through your email then, a laptop is helpful. Ensure that the hard drive is big enough to hold all the pictures.

Lens Selection

Some advice which has not changed a lot from the change from film-cameras to digital-cameras is about the lens selection. The majority of animals you will see on your safari will be far away, particularly in case you are fortunate enough to experience a pursue in the open savannah. Your primary options here are between a prime lens plus a telephoto zoom.

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